Melinda Subido

Co-Owner & Photographer

When Melinda was 12 years old, she along with her twin sister and a friend had decided that their goal would be to become contributing photographers for National Geographic. Without knowing what kind of training and work that this would actually entail, this was a goal that was soon forgotten and not consciously worked towards (like most 12 year olds would).

In her senior years of high school, during an elective class, she learned the craft of film photography and developing negatives/photos. Her photographs and art received notice but it wasn’t something that Melinda had taken seriously. Coming from a traditional family, it was insisted that she go into a “stable” career path. So after high school, she did just that. However, her thirst for creativity remained.

It was 2007 and she was in her early 20’s when she was bit by a bug, the travel-bug. After her very first trip she realized that people were taking notice of her photographs once again. With no formal training, within each trip and adventure, she became more conscious of the art and developed her eye. She often traveled alone so documenting the trip, and the art of photo-journalism was something that became instinct. It was after backpacking throughout central America that Melinda had decided to display her photos at a Vancouver restaurant (The Naam Restaurant) for consignment. Literally within the first hours of her display, she had received a phone call and sold her first photograph. A photograph she had taken while she was traveling throughout India. Having willingly given away photos before, she decided that this could very well become a part-time career on the side of her corporate life. Years would pass and her passion for travel and her career¬†had eluded her from pursuing photography.

It was when a tragedy in her family occurred which caused Melinda to re-evaluate her life. She personally redefined “success”, “purpose”, and “happiness” which led her to leave her current job. It was in this process that she returned to the comforts of her camera to keep herself occupied. She had new eyes and those close to her encouraged her to explore it. Her photographs got noticed again and this time she didn’t ignore the attention. The birth of MELBIDO PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN came soon after. After a series of projects and collaborations, it did not take long for her to partner up with budding photographer and long time friend Sergio Pawar. The two of them have developed and currently operate, DREAMFINITY STUDIOS.