Sergio Pawar

Co-Owner & Photographer

My name is Sergio. I am a friend, son, brother, husband and artist. I am happiest when doing thing that requiere creativity and working with people. Born and raised in Birmingham England, I moved to Canada in 2006. I believe British Columbia is the most beautiful place on the earth and I ma happy to have settled in Surrey, B.C.

When I am not out taking pictures, I enjoy spending time with my lovely fiancé Navi and hanging out with family. I enjoy working out and spending time outdoors in nature. My second love is sports, specifically hockey, golf and soccer.


At a very young age I was fascinated with time (minutes, hours, days months, years). Many would agree that the most important resource we have is tim and too ofter its slips through our fingers. For me photography is about capturing that time and harnessing those moments. I believe every moment can be made a beautiful memory if it is captured in the right way.

Photography is an everlasting memory that can bring so much joy over and over again. I like to pay attention to every detail to make sure your special day is perfect. Whether that may be the little smiles you give each other before you walk down the aisle to the look on your kids face when they blow out the birthday candles.

I know there is something vey powerful within you, something instinctive that made you decide to marry this person and share a lifetime together, you cannot see it, or explain it, but for some reason it becomes transparent when looking back at a memory, a snippet of time, captures through a simple photo.


My relaxed approach will not only ensure your occasion to be comfortable but it also allows us to capture those unscripted and spontaneous moments. Moreover, I offer a free consultation(s) to see what beautiful occasion you want unfolded.

Being Indian while born and raised in England and moving to Vancouver Canada I appreciate and understand the cultural clash between the newer and older generations. I will not only make your occasion one to be remembered but I will use my experience and background to create the wedding you desire. Whether that may b the old fashion Indian wedding. The modern stylish European wedding or the classy Canadian wedding. I can bring all styles together as your desire.